About Us

The Phoenix Restaurant, once the Columbia Hotel in the 1800s and then in the 1940s, the Phoenix Hotel and Grill, has had several owners through the years and has rebounded from two fires.

Today, current owner Tony Russo and his crew, which includes head chef Curtis Biesecker, chef and kitchen manager Scott Sheedy, pastry chef Curtis Drost, bartender Michele Lepore and Russo's wife, Phyllis, have been doing their parts to bring customers a dining experience featuring fresh dishes.

"Our idea is to do everything fresh from scratch," said Russo, who opened his restaurant in December 2012

They do not use any frozen products, Biesecker said.

"We get our pork from some people up in Philipsburg who raise an heirloom-style pig and butcher it the way we want it. There's a local cheesemaker over in Clover Creek that we've been in touch with and we're going to try to incorporate some of their cheeses ... and we use a lot of local produce when we can," he said.